About Anodize Fashion Blog:

Hello everyone, I’m Jenna. I grew up in a small suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Initially, I aspired to be a politician due to anger regarding social injustices, but I quickly realized before graduating high school that I could make a larger impact on individual lives. I graduated from Albion College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Art’s in Psychology and Spanish. Then I continued on to get a Master of Art’s degree in Clinical Counseling at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I worked as a mental health counselor at a therapeutic high school for 1.5 years and then decided to move back to my hometown (let’s face it, Michigan autumn is like no other). After some experience working in the mental health field, I realized that my passion needed to be supplemented by some other interest. I never felt fully fulfilled just doing one thing. After being exposed to fashion influences like Alexa Chung and Luanna Perez, I realized that fashion is my other passion (along with creative writing).

The first time I felt a rush from fashion was the summer before starting high school. During that life stage I felt lost and unsure of my identity (and I’ll admit not for the last time).  I was walking around Somerset Mall by myself. Then as I looked at all of the stores and clothing, I realized that the power to have any identity lived there at the mall. Through self-expression, I could become anyone I wanted through how I presented myself to the world. A progression to rebellious Hot Topic clothing ensued throughout my high school experience. I was often seen wearing cat ears and baggy pants with bondage straps or chains. I toned things down before going to Albion, because I loved the idea of a fresh start. I reinvented my style at Albion, which as many undergraduates know, entailed Victoria’s Secret sweatpants, sorority clothing, PacSun, and various Urban Outfitters pieces. Once I moved to Chicago for grad school, my fashion metamorphosis truly began. I had access to some of the best designers and it seemed like everyone was dressed to kill on the street. I started with a collection of small professional clothing pieces from JCrew, progressing to Club Monaco, Bloomingdale’s, Vince, Sandro, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch. I felt like a million bucks everywhere I went. After moving back to Michigan, I could no longer afford to exclusively shop at those places, but instead incorporated some of those classics into my wardrobe and mixed them in with grunge details. I have gone full-circle by reintegrating grunge elements into my style (such as rips, cut-outs, band t-shirts and Slytherin accessories), resulting in a combination of contemporary, comfortable chic, edgy outfits.

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